The shop is closed for the next few weeks. You can browse but you will not be able to checkout.

Some manuals for sale are listed here.

We also have a large number of schematic diagrams to either borrow, or buy. If you need a schematic listed below, please use the contact form to arrange. There is a small charge for borrowing the schematic, and a deposit is required to ensure its' return.

Schematics available IM = Instruction Manual Only. SM= Schematic Only GP=Game Pack = Manual and Schematic

Bally Fireball II GP
Bally Gators
Bally Kick Off IM
Bally King Tut SM
Bally Little Joe GP
Bally Loop the Loop GP
Bally Monte Carlo GP (Damaged – chewed)
Bally Odds & Evens GP
Bally On Beam SM
Bally Ro Go

Bally Rockmakers SM (Damaged – some fading)
Bally  Bazaar SM (Damaged – tears)
Bally  Hi-Low Ace SM  (Damaged – small burn)
Bally  Safari SM
Bally  See Saw GP
Bally  Six Sticks SM
Bally  Space Time GP
Bally  Star Jet SM
Bally  The Wiggler SM
Bally  Time Zone SM
Bally  Trio SM (Damaged – small holes)
Bally  Wizard GP

Gottlieb Asteroid Annie & the Aliens IM
Gottlieb Fun Land SM (Damaged – tear)
Gottlieb Happy Days SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb Hi Dolly SM (Damaged – holes punched & tears)
Gottlieb High Hand IM
Gottlieb Hot Shot GP
Gottlieb Jumping Jack IM & SM (Damaged – stains)
Gottlieb Jungle GP NO SCHEMATIC
Gottlieb Pyramid SM
Gottlieb Sheriff GP
Gottlieb Sing Along GP + SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb Sky Jump GP
Gottlieb Sky Line SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb Solar City SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb Spin Out SM
Gottlieb Square Head SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb Super Soccer SM
Gottlieb Sure Shot SM (Damaged – small burns)
Gottlieb Surfer GP
Gottlieb Sweet Hearts SM
Gottlieb Target Alpha GP
Gottlieb Top Card IM & SM
Gottlieb Wild Life SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb Wild Wild West SM
Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer GP
Gottlieb: Far Out SM (Damaged – some stains
Gottlieb: GiGi
Gottlieb: Golden Arrow IM
Gottlieb: Hurdy Gurdy SM (Damaged – cut in two)
Gottlieb: King Pin IM & SM (Damaged – tear)
Gottlieb: King Rock SM (Damage – drawings added to diagram)
Gottlieb: Magnotron GP
Gottlieb: Masquerade SM (Damaged – holes punched for filing)
Gottlieb: Mayfair GP & SM
Gottlieb: Melody SM (Damaged – tears & stains)
Gottlieb: North Star SM (Damaged – tears)
Gottlieb: Orbit
Gottlieb: Paradise SM (Damaged – holes punched for filing)
Gottlieb: Pioneer GP
Gottlieb: Playball SM (Damaged – some dirt & tears)
Gottlieb: Playmates SM (12” x 17”)
Gottlieb: Polo
Gottlieb: Pro Football GP
Gottlieb: Pyramid IM
Gottlieb: Royal Flush GP
Gottlieb: Royal Guard SM (Damaged – Ink stains)
Williams: Alien Poker GP
Williams: Barracora IM + Parts book
Williams: Black Knight IM
Williams: Comet IM
Williams: Cosmic Gunfight IM
Williams: Cyclone GP
Williams: Disco Fever IM (no covers)
Williams: El Toro SM (Damaged – stains)
Williams: Expo
Williams: Fan-Tas-Tic GP
Williams: Gay 90’s GP
Williams: Gold Rush GP
Williams: Grand Prix GP x 2
Williams: Hayburners II  GP
Williams: Heat Wave SM x 2 (1Damaged – tears) + Adjustment sheet
Williams: High Ways SM (Damaged – tears)
Trade Winds SM
Williams: Klondike GP
Williams: Lady Luck SM & IM
Williams: Little Chief IM x 2
Williams: Merry Widow SM (Damaged – tears)
Williams: Metro
Williams: Miss-O SM
Williams: Oh Boy SM  x 2 (1 Damaged – stains & tears)
Williams: OXO
Williams: Paddock IM & SM  (Damaged – stains & marks)
Williams: Palooke SM (Damaged – holes punched for filing)
Williams: Pat Hand IM
Williams: Pinball 2000 Safety Manual
Williams: Pit Stop GP
Williams: Post Time GP
Williams: Pot-O-Gold SM (Damaged – tears & stains)
Williams: Pretty Baby SM (Damaged – marks)
Williams: Robotron IM
Williams: Shangri-La SM
Williams: Skill Pool SM (Damaged – holes punched for filing)
Williams: Skylab SM (Damaged – tears)
Williams: Smart Set GP
Williams: Soccer SM
Williams: Space Mission GP
Williams: Spanish Eyes SM
Williams: Star Pool GP
Williams: Stardust GP
Williams: Strato-Flite GP
Williams: Suspense GP
Williams: Teacher’s Pet SM x 2 (1 Damaged – tears) + Adjustment sheet
Williams: Ten Spot SM (Damaged – tears)
Williams: Touchdown
SM - on loan
Williams: Travel Time IM
Williams: Triple Action SM & IM
Williams: Valiant
Williams: Wing Ding SM
Williams: Zig Zag SM x 2 (Damaged – tears & holes)