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A-16883-4 Flipper Button 1" - RED


Buttons DO NOT come with fixing nut. Order 02-3000 if required.

Flipper Button 1"  Measures 1-1/8" from hilt (outer cabinet edge) to tip of actuator.

Used in most machines from the 80's onwards

Buttons have no electrical connections. They are used in conjunction with a separate leaf switch or microswitch.

Williams/Bally reference numbers - 
White - A-16883-5
Red - A-16883-4
Blue - A-16883-10
Yellow - A-16883-6
Purple - A-16883-18
Orange - A-16883-12
Green - A-16683-2
Black - A-16683-7

Transparent Red - A-16883-9

Transparent Blue - A-16883-10
Clear - A-16883-13
Transparent Green - A-16883-2
Transparent Orange - A-16883-12
Transparent Yellow - A-16883-16