Four C-10843-2 28.5" Black Bally/Williams Leg Set with Full Rib LEGS ONLY


This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

4 Legs ONLY. Order bolts and feet SEPARATELY

These legs are a finished to a good commercial standard. However due to the production techniques used, some machining marks may be visible. Painted finishes may have minor blemishes. Full priced leg sets will be chosen from the best quality available, but may include some of these minor marks in the paintwork. 

Seconds may also be available which may have more than usually acceptable marks or scratches. These can normally be touched up or positioned strategically so as not to show.

Black Leg Set — Williams/Bally—Full Rib 28.5”

Standard Williams/Bally black powder coat painted steel pinball legs. 

Used on Corvette, Popeye, Star Trek; The Next Generation, and more.

Williams/Bally reference #C-10843-2