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Full Flipper Assembly For Williams Machines From 1992 to 1998


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Choose a left or right base plate, then choose a coil. 

Williams reference #'s A-15205-R-2 and A-15205-L-2.

These assemblies fit the following games:

Year Game Name Coil Stop
1992-02 The Getaway - High Speed II A-12111
1992-03 The Addams Family A-12111
1992-07 Black Rose A-12111
1992-09 Doctor Who A-12111
1992-10 Fish Tales A-12111
1992-12 Creature from the Black Lagoon A-12111
1993-01 Whitewater A-12111
1993-04 Bram Stoker's Dracula A-12111
1993-04 Twilight Zone A-12111
1993-08 Indiana Jones A-12390
1993-09 Judge Dredd A-12390
1993-11 Star Trek; The Next Generation A-12390
1994-02 Demolition Man A-12390
1994-02 Popeye Saves the Earth A-12390
1994-02 World Cup Soccer A-12390
1994-07 The Flintstones A-12390
1994-08 Corvette A-12390
1994-10 Road Show A-12390
1994-10 The Addams Family Gold A-12390
1994-11 The Shadow A-12390
1995-03 Dirty Harry A-12390
1995-03 Theatre of Magic A-12390
1995-05 No Fear A-12390
1995-06 Indianapolis 500 A-12390
1995-08 Johnny Mnemonic A-12390
1995-09 Who Dunnit A-12390
1995-10 Jack*bot A-12390
1995-11 Congo A-12390
1995-12 Attack from Mars A-12390
1996-03 Safecracker A-12390
1996-05 Tales of the Arabian Nights A-12390
1996-09 Scared Stiff A-12390
1996-12 Junkyard A-12390
1997-03 NBA Fastbreak A-12390
1997-06 Medieval Madness A-12390
1997-10 Cirqus Voltaire A-12390
1997-12 No Good Gofers A-12390
1998-04 Champion Pub A-12390
1998-07 Monster Bash A-12390
1998-10 Cactus Canyon A-12390