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090-5020-20T LOTR Special Coil


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Lord of The Rings flipper coil specially manufactured for a more powerful performance.
LOTR is known to have weak flippers once they have heated up after a few balls have been played. This coil solves the problem by supplying just enough extra power.   Say good-bye to not being able to make it up the centre ramp!

Stern reference #090-5020-20T.

PLEASE NOTE:  If this coil is to be used in a LOTR LE (gold edition) machine the diode will need to be cut off of the coil before installation!

Flipper Coil Comparison - strength Low to High

090-5041 = 25-1800 = 13.8 ohms

090-5025 = 24-1570 = 9.5 ohms

090-5030 = 23-1100 = 5.1 ohms

090-5032 = 22-1080 = 4.3 ohms

090-5020-30 = 23-900 = 3.8 ohms

090-5020-20 = 22-900 = 3.4 ohms